Meet PSEG Long Island Buyers

Senior Procurement Analyst: Michael Occhipinti

Tactical Buyer: Alma Alonzo

  • Catering Services
  • Third party Inspection Services
  • Vegetation Management Services – (Customer Services, Cycle Trim, Foresters, Grounds Maintenance, Storm Hardening, Substation Mowing, Substation Spray, T&M, T&M Storm, Transmission Sideline, Transmission Tree, Transmission Trim, VM Mowing Services)
  • Waste Removal & Recycling & Demolition Services
  • Transformer Oil Processing & Tanker Services
  • Fleet Maintenance Materials

Senior Procurement Analyst: Mat Sanderleaf

Tactical Buyer: Amelia Barone

  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Fire Protection Services (Field & Office)
  • Permitting Services, Testing Services (Soil, Air, Etc.), Real Estate Appraisal
  • Printing & Reproduction Services
  • Publication. Subscription & Memberships
  • Advertising & Recognition Materials (Shirts, Cups, Banners, Signage)
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Professional Services& Consulting (Legal, Financial. Credit & Collection, Communication, HR, Marketing & Advertising, Translation Services, Power Markets)

Senior Procurement Analyst: Tony Anton

Senior Procurement Analyst: Kyle La Forge

Tactical Buyer: Kevin O’Connell

  • Construction Services – (Electrical Overhead & Underground Line House Services, Locate and Markout , Marine Services, Physical Mechanical Assist, Pole Inspections & Reinforcement, Horizontal Directional Drill & Residential Underground)
  • Paving & Concrete Services
  • Excavation Services
  • Traffic Control & Markout Svcs
  • Lubes, Oils, Greases, Gases & Welding Supplies

Senior Procurement Analyst: Beth Petersen

Tactical Buyers: Theresa Ladonne, Lauren Barbato, Margarita Lepre

  • Cable, Wire & Trench Pipe
  • Street Lighting
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems & Services
  • Meters & Metering Equipment
  • Poles, Cross-Arms, Steel Poles
  • Substation Equip. (Relays Breakers Switches Reactors I&C)
  • Cap Banks. Switchgear, Reclosers, Sectionalizers
  • Maintenance Repair & Operating (MRO) Materials

Senior Procurement Analyst: Louis Cavallo

Tactical Buyers: Tracey Lee, Tanya Watson

  • Equipment Rentals & Purchases, Vehicle Leases & Purchases Gravel, Sand & Dirt
  • Lubes, Oils, Greases, Gases & Welding Supplies
  • PPE Clothing & Footwear
  • Substation Services
  • Fleet Maintenance Materials
  • Fleet Maintenance Svcs (Accident Rprs. Engine Rprs)
  • Health & Safety & Training Services
  • Helicopter & Drone Services
  • Security Equip. & Svcs
  • Facilities Maintenance (Furniture, Fencing, Painting, HVAC, Janitorial & Grounds) Transportation, Freight & Small Package Services, Logistics & Rigging
  • Environmental Svcs. (Spill Response Haz Waste, Consulting, Remediation, Permitting, Marine Services)

Tactical Buyer: Alma Alonzo

  • Vegetation Management

IT Procurement Contracting Manager: Carol Binetti, Kenneth Buchbinder 

IT Contractor: John Strong,  Kyle Kennedy

  • Information Technology – Services, Software, Hardware

Capital Projects Contracting Manager: Daniel Kim

Senior Procurement Analyst (Capital Projects): Matthew Ruttenberg

Capital Projects Contractor: Beatrice Attale , Michael Matteo

Our Vendor Pool – Private Sector Firms Doing Business with PSEG Long Island


Procurement Opportunities

The following partial list represents the variety of goods and services generally purchased by PSEG Long Island:


  • Advertising and Recognition: shirts, cups, banners, signage, etc.
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Gravel, Sand and Dirt
  • Lubes, Oils, Greases, Gases and Welding Supplies
  • Repair and Operating (MRO)
  • Meters and Metering Equipment
  • Poles, Cross-Arms and Steel Poles
  • PPE Clothing and Footwear
  • Substation Equipment
  • Transformers, Cap Banks, Switchgear, Reclosers, Sectionalizers, Cable Wire and Trench Pipe
  • Transmission Materials


  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Equipment Rentals and Purchases
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Fire Protection
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Health and Safety, Training
  • Information Technology
  • Paving and Concrete
  • Permitting and Testing
  • Printing and Reproduction
  • Professional Services and Consulting
  • Security Equipment
  • Traffic Control
  • Transformer Oil Processing and Tanker
  • Logistics and Rigging
  • Vegetation Management and Landscaping
  • Vehicle Leases and Purchases
  • Waste Removal, Recycling and Demolition

PSEG Long Island Procurement Team Contact Information

Brian Miller
Procurement Director

Joseph Lamotta
Senior Manager Procurement Center of Excellence

Ehud Cohen
Procurement Operations Manager

Anil Mathew
Government and Capital Procurement Manager

Carollee Binetti
IT Procurement Contracting Manager

Kenneth Buchbinder
IT Procurement Contracting Manager

Jeffery Schlesinger
Procurement Center Supervisor

Daniel Kim
Contracting Manager – Capital Projects

Mathew Sanderleaf
Senior Procurement Analyst

Tony Anton
Senior Procurement Analyst

Louis Cavallo
Senior Procurement Analyst

Michael Occhipinti
Senior Procurement Analyst

Elizabeth Petersen
Senior Procurement Analyst

Alex Pena
Procurement Contractor

Matthew Ruttenberg
Senior Procurement Analyst

Beatrice Attale
Capital Procurement Analyst

Jorge Jimenez
Manager, Supplier Diversity

Jerome Gaetani
Supplier Diversity Process Analyst

Geraldine Moore
Supplier Diversity Process Analyst

James Benoit
Supplier Diversity Process Analyst

Kyle La Forge
Senior Procurement Analyst